Liberty Mutual's poke fun at advertising cliches to help you remember Liberty Mutual customizes home insurance.

Every day, we’re inundated with commercials that utilize familiar advertising tropes and cliches. And, while other ads may try to hide their use of these familiar tools, Liberty Mutual’s “Something to Help You Remember” campaign embraces them.

My role: Creative and Art Director
Director: Director: Tim Godsall 
Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Selected Works

Magic Words– HP

A.I. vs K.I.– Lunchables

Dreamland VR– Oakley

/Imagined Stories– PERSONAL PROJECT

Water on Mars– Sodastream

Powered by K.I.– Lunchables

RFRSH can– Sprite

Joy is a simple recipe– Lay's Global

Nalata Art Co.– Nalata

Outride ADHD– Specialized

Your Future Guide– Smithsonian


The Electric AI Canvas– BMW Global

Summer on– BMW USA

Live the legacy– Fila

Crash from Home– Doritos

Are we there yet?– BMW USA

The world's fastest bike– Specialized

Appito– Appito

Be the Monster– Fila

O.bra Festival– Instagrafite