The battle of Doritos


It’s no secret that the boldest part about eating Doritos is licking the dust off your fingers afterward. But catching Doritos dust is no easy feat.

In this spot, Doritos reminded their fans that eating Doritos is not over until it’s over. And that every speck of dust is worth the sacrifice.


My role: Creative and Art Director
Director: Lucas Shannon
Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Selected Works

Magic Words– HP

A.I. vs K.I.– Lunchables

Powered by K.I.– Lunchables

Water on Mars– Sodastream

Something to help you remember– Liberty Mutual


Your Future Guide– Smithsonian

Outride ADHD– Specialized

The Electric AI Canvas– BMW Global

Summer on– BMW USA

Crash from Home– Doritos

Dreamland VR– Oakley

Nalata Art Co.– Nalata

Are we there yet?– BMW USA

Sweet Rainbow– Sweet Rainbow

RFRSH can– Sprite

The world's fastest bike– Specialized

Appito– Appito

Be the Monster– Fila

Live the legacy– Fila

O.bra Festival– Instagrafite

©Sperb Sr. Creative at GS&P